A professional golf sponsorship for my business? Why?

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Sponsorship of a professional golf tournament provides a safe, well-respected environment for your business. No sports sponsorship delivers more impact and positive public relations than professional golf. Consider the three major golf governing bodies - the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour and the United States Golf Association. These organizations have donated more to charity than all other professional sports franchises combined. Each week, golf tournaments benefit a wide range of charities both local and national.

No other sports sponsorships provides your business the unique chance to play with a professional. Pro-Ams and Celebrity Pro-Ams are the lifeblood of golf sponsorships. Invite your key clients, reward your top producers and engage important vendors by providing an 18-hole, 5-hour session with a professional golfer. Many top sponsors may also negotiate an opportunity to direct a portion of the tournament's proceeds to their favorite charity. It truly is a win-win.

Sponsoring a professional golf tournament enhances your brand and provides a back-drop that extends well beyond the three or four day event. Pre- and post-event dinners, galas, auctions and fundraisers can extend your sponsorship from weeks to months. Demographics and core principles equal a positive return on investment. What other sport, with perhaps the exception of tennis, require its professionals to play every hole, every day, every round? If they are injured, they don't play and they don't get paid. No sitting on the bench or in the dugout collecting handsome salaries.

Each year, the professional golfer earns the majority of his or her pay by simply playing and playing well enough to make the cut for the weekend cash out. If they miss the cut, they go home. No paycheck. Come back next week and try again. Sure, most golfers have endorsements, but those are directly tied to how well they perform on their respective tours. Many endorsements require a minimum number of appearances per year. Professional golf is pure and simple. Show up to work. Work hard. Play by the rules. Meet performance standards. Get paid. Tournament golf spans up to 11 months each year. It is grueling and demanding.

As a professional golf sponsor, your business aligns itself with a sport that rewards individuals for professionalism, endurance, patience and persistence. These qualities are embedded in many corporate mission statements and value propositions. Professional golf ethics are stringent and high. Players are expected to mingle with sponsors, their guests and the fans. They provide a human touch uncommon in other sports. For your business, a myriad of sponsorship benefits exist. On course signage. Television advertising. Special event sponsorships, such as hole and skin games within the game. Souvenir program advertising. Hospitality suites. Ticket packages. Junior clinics. Sampling and promotions on course. Even placing your corporate logo on the hat of the caddies.

Businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries utilize professional golf sponsorships to reach customers, to deliver goods or services, to recognize employees, to strengthen relationships and to broaden their reach. At the end of the day, no matter which player wins the tournament, everyone involved celebrates the mastery and simple work ethic of professional golf.

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