What are the best documentaries to watch?

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Due to the nature of the film distribution industry one can't judge a documentary by whether you have heard of it or how well it did at the box office. Documentaries historically do poorly at the box office and they may have a smaller distributor, which would impact the marketing and determine the size of the release of the film.

The subjects of documentaries are as vast as the subjects of narrative films. Documentaries with a wider release are not necessarily the best for any given person's taste, but they are a safer choice. Recent films released to a broader audience tends to offer commentary on a subject that is of concern to a larger audience. This helps the film sell, which in turn helps documentary filmmakers fund the next project. What are the best documentaries to watch?

Michael Moore is a popular documentary director and has 3 of the top-ten grossing documentary spots. His films usually get wide releases and good reviews. Fahrenheit 9/11 was released in 2004 and alludes to the idea that the Bush administration used the bombing of 9/11 to push the Afghanistan and Iraq war agenda. This film has been hated by many, stating that the facts in the films are not accurate. It is the number one grossing documentary of all time.

Sicko is ranked 5th and was released in 2007. It takes on the issue of health care and compares the United States healthcare to other national health care systems. Bowling for Columbine is ranked 7th. Released in 2002, it addresses the countries obsession with guns and the gun control issue. Roger and Me is ranked 20th. In Roger and Me, Michael Moore pursues the CEO of General Motors and addresses the harm he did to Flint, Michigan with the layoffs and cutbacks.

One way to find documentaries that are best to watch that suit one's interest is to look at the top 100 or 200 grossing documentaries of all-time and look at the subject matter to see if it is of interest. All documentaries will not appeal to all people obviously. Other documentaries with good reviews and that were like by most are March of the Penguins, An Inconvenient Truth, Super Size Me, Spellbound, Food, Inc, Religulous, Mad Hot Ballroom, Born Into Brothels, Jesus Camp, The Wild Parrot's of Telegraph Hill, Man on Wire, Murderball and The Thin Blue Line.

Another great way to find quality documentaries to watch is to find documentaries that were nominated for an Oscar for the Best Documentary category at the Academy Awards. All of the nominees in the category will be a worth documentary. One can find nominees for each year and decide which of the films they would likely be interested in watching.

Recent Oscar winners that have not previously been mentioned already in this article are The Cove, Taxi to the Dark Side, The Fog of War and Murder on a Sunday Morning. What are the best documentaries to watch? With the numerous depth of subject matter of documentaries that have been released over the years, it isn't difficult to find something enjoyable for non-fiction film enthusiasts.

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